8a Fluid mechanics

Monday, 14:00 – 16:00

Matthias Bürgler
Air-Water Flow Measurements on a Large-Scale Spillway Chute

Ben Constance
Developing a Kadomtsev-Petviashvili-Based 2+1 Dimensional Nonlinear Fourier Transform with Application to Landslide-Tsunamis

Leila Dhar
Air injection: a new step towards river-friendly electricity production

Kevin Flora
Computational Investigation of Vegetation Impacts on Riverine hydrodynamics

Shimeng Liu
3D-printing aided microscale experimental investigation of hydrodynamic effects on bioclogging

Emmanuel Mignot
Drag force applied by supercritical (torrential) flows on emerging obstacles

Qin Zeng
Characteristics of splashing droplets generated by jet impingement

Pablo Ouro
Benchmark of computational hydraulics models: open-channel flow with lateral cavities

Graeme Smart
Eddy explanation for Velocity Profile of Turbulent Boundary Layer


Monday, 16:30 – 18:00

Mingming Ge
Enhancing cavitating treatment intensity with optimized temperature for bacterial removal in waterbodies

Ellora Padhi
Effect of splitter plate on the turbulent flow characteristics

Charles Ryckmans
Evaluation of the impact forces on buildings due to floods

César Santos
Effects of a bubble curtain device on flow hydrodynamics

Wim Uijttewaal
Experimental Analysis of Flow over Rectangular Sharp-Crested Compound Weirs

Daisuke Kobayashi
The flow characteristic in channel bend downstream of negative step

Eun-Kyung Jang
Determination of Drag Coefficient for Woody Patch in Numerical Modeling

Maria Rita Carvalho Mesquita David
Flow in an Aquaculture Tank Induced by an Aerator

Caisheng Huang
Experimental Study on Microjet Induced Vortex in the Near-Wall Region


Tuesday, 08:30 – 09:30

Fawaz Alzabari
Large-eddy simulation of flow around leaky barriers in linear configurations

Mojtaba Jandaghian
Immersed granular collapse through a two-phase Eulerian-Lagrangian numerical model

Murali Krishnam Raju Kalidindi
Lagrangian Coherent Structures in the flow around a bridge pier

Maria Rita Carvalho Mesquita David
Momentum Transfer in a Flume With a Lateral Storage Cavity

Angelos Kokkinos
Investigation of colliding gravity currents in a linearly stratified ambient


Tuesday, 11:30 – 13:00

Mark Babister
Modelling of Wedge Storage in Two-Dimensional Hydrodynamic Model

Giovanni Di Lollo
Lock Release Gravity Current Interacting with a Cylindrical Obstacl

Angelos Kokkinos
LES of gravity current propagation in a linearly stratified ambient

Maike Stover
Numerical modelling of particle interaction with wall within boundary layer

Wim Uijttewaal
Load on the bed downstream of a backward facing step

Burhan Yildiz
Numerical Analysis of Free Flow over Rectangular Sharp-Crested Compound Weirs

Alicia Ros-Bernal
Numerical Analysis of Overflow Free-Falling Jets and Drops


Wednesday, 08:30 – 09:30

Victor Dupuis
Shear layers between main channel and floodplain investigated with LS-PIV

Giuseppe Francesco Cesare Lama
The Ecohydrodynamic traits of sparse-density vegetated open channels: real-scale analysis

Gregoire Recchia
Study on air Injecting Hydrofoil: improving aerating runners technology

Ge Yang
Settling Behaviors of Microplastic Disks in the Acceleration Processes in Stagnant Water

Andrea Zampiron
Secondary currents induced by bed roughness in open-channel flow


Wednesday, 11:30 – 13:00

Mohammad Saud Afzal
Numerical study of hydrodynamic effect around pier group

Laurent David
Numerical simulations of a waterfall in a downstream basin

Laurent David
Perforated Plates for downstream migration

Susan Gaskin
Reduced entrainment into a turbulent jet due to turbulence in the ambient

Yannick Marschall
On the Role of Free-Surface Treatment for Simulating Flow Past Submerged Obstacles

Thomas Neuner
Optimization study of mixing high viscous sludge in anaerobic digesters

Mingming Ge
System-Identification for Regular Water Waves

Mats Müller
Numerical modelling of the hydraulic capacity of grates inlets (OpenFOAM)


Thursday, 08:30 – 09:30

Jennifer Cruz
Hydrodynamic Forces on the Inferior Beam of a Radial Gate

Sung-Uk Choi
Energy Dissipation Processes of Free Jump and Submerged Jump

Vittorio Di Federico
Two-layer radial gravity currents flow in porous media

Lalit Kumar
Scour around a pair of abutments under combined wave-current flow

Herman Musumari Siaben
Weakly compressible MPS method for non-Newtonian tailings overland flows


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