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Preliminary Program of Technical Visits

The Technical Visits will take place on Wednesday, 23 August 2023.

Please note that Technical Visits are not included in the registration fee. Registration for Technical Visits can be made in the online registration process for the congress starting soon.

Please note that spaces are limited and subject to capacity, we recommend you to book your visit as soon as possible in order to guarantee availability.


“Donau Auen” National Park

This bus tour will guide you directly to the heart of the famous National Park “Donau Auen”. During a scientifically guided tour through the National Park Visitor Centre in the picturesque castle Schloss Orth the unique features of the National Park and its fascinating history will be explained. On a nature trail outside of the castle, we will have the opportunity to see indigenous plants and animals. Further, we will take a walk inside the National Park directly to the river banks of the Danube. Here, we will see some of the measures taken to improve ecological functions and sediment transport issues (e.g. restoration of river banks, reconnection of side-arms, adaptation of groynes, etc.).

New Hydraulic Laboratory

This laboratory, which has been planned and will be run by BOKU, is unique among hydraulic laboratories worldwide: with a discharge of 10.000 l/s without pumping it offers a new dimension in scale issue modelling. Experiments can be conducted in an indoor and an outdoor lab. Further, the facility provides a public lab and a big auditorium. Technical Tours will guide you through this unique facility and explain the concept as well as the experimental settings of current projects.

New Hydraulic Engineering Laboratory
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Boat tour to the Integrated River Engineering Project at the Danube East of Vienna

This tour will start at one of the Viennese harbours nearby the conference venue where you will board our ship. This Danube cruise will lead you downstream of Vienna directly through the National Park “Donau-Auen” where we will examine the efforts of the “Integrated River Engineering Project on the Danube to the East of Vienna” such as groyne adaptations, reconnection of side-arms, restoration of river banks, etc.). During this trip scientific background information about the different technical and ecological issues of this project will be presented. Scientists and practitioners involved in this project will introduce you to their work.

Vienna’s flood protection system

During this tour, you will visit some of the most interesting flood protection schemes such as the diversion weir, the Danube Island and the bypass-channel (“Neue Donau”), which do not only serve flood protection but also function as recreation and ecological habitat areas. This tour will be accompanied by experts giving us detailed information about this amazing flood protection project.


Hydropower plant Freudenau

We will make a short bus ride to the hydropower plant Freudenau which is situated at the Danube River in the east of Vienna. A guided tour will offer us a look behind the scenes of modern electricity generation. We will have the chance to see the turbines, the lock and the fish bypass-channel. Moreover, information about the history of hydropower generation at the Danube will be given.