7c Hydraulic structures, machinery and capacity

Tuesday, 08:30 – 09:30

Eva Bílková
CFD Shape Optimization of the Hydraulic Structures

Nathan Delpierre
Coupling overflow and internal flow for simulation of embankment breaching

Kate Neigel
Calibration of 3D OpenFOAM navigation lock models using field measurements

John Wendelbo
CFD analysis of entrained air for plunging jets

Ivan Stojnic
Baffled Stilling Basins Below Stepped Chutes: An Experimental Study


Tuesday, 11:30 – 13:00

Xiaoyang Shen
Free-surface fluctuations downstream of an A-type trapezoidal piano key weir

Hanwen Cui
Time-varying hydraulic properties on grassed spillways due to erosion

Kimberley Kasischke
Fluctuation Analysis for Vertical Slot Passes using CFD-simulations and Hilbert-Huang-Transformation

Kohji Michioku
Flow regime transition of rubble mound weir during a flood

Veronica Wiering
Experimental Study of Driftwood Deflectors at Fishway Intakes

Youichi Yasuda
Flow characteristics around consecutively assembled boulders at slit-type check dam

Huan Zhang
Experimental study on the characteristics of air-water-sand jets in crossflow

Emil Bournaski
Solid-liquid pipe flow measurement by Venturi tube. Formula rationale


Tuesday, 14:00 – 16:00

Edward Bennett
Design of a Low Head Hydroturbine for Small Hydrosystems

Sai Shing Chim
Drainage Tunnel Performance Review in Hong Kong: A Case Study

Zulfequar Ahmad
Critical Submergence for Hydraulic Intakes: Experimental and Numerical Modeling

Robert Ettema
Desirable Vortex Formation at a Spillway Entrance

Stefan Felder
An angle correction scheme for LIDAR measurements of spillway flows

Xing Li
Displacement prediction of expansive soil slope using CEEMD and DE-SVR

Cumhur Özbey
A Numerical Investigation of Hydrodynamics of Fish-friendly Fine Screens

Simone Pagliara
Effects of Wall Roughness on Air-water Flow Properties of Low-level Outlets

Ryugen Satoh
Analytical equations for depth and boundary-layer development on stepped channels

Guanghui Yan
Effects of tributary floodplain on the flow structure at confluences


Wednesday, 08:30 -09:30

Hubert Chanson
Half-Rounded Circular Overflow – Cavity Transients and Non Linear Instabilities

Jennifer Cruz
Hydraulic Jump Loads on Submerged Horizontal Beam of a Flat-bottom Spillway’s Gate

Gabriele Harb
Hybrid modelling and optimization of an intake area

Karthik Ramaswamy
Using CFD to predict total hydraulic forces on radial gates

Damien Violeau
Free-surface profile upstream of a grid clogged by aquatic plants

Giulia Stradiotti
Flow field in a penstock-surge tank T-junction: an experimental study


Wednesday, 11:30 -13:00

Lisa Besser
Influence of Non-Linear-Weir Installation on upstream Floodplains via Numerical Simulations

Jinjin Gao
Hydrodynamic Characteristics of a bank-embedded hydrokinetic turbine

Weichao Ma
Hydropower turbine modeling and its uncertainty analysis in transient process

Fatna Oukaili
Shape optimisation of overflow-spillways: delaying flow separation to high heads

Xiaoyang Shen
Influence of local Submergence on Piano Key Weir Discharge Efficiency

José M. Carrillo
Cfd Analsys of Coanda-Effect Bottom Screens

Nils Solheim
Modified guide walls for incremental increase of spillway capacity


Thursday, 08:30 – 09:30

Robert Michael Boes
Hydroabrasion Monitoring and Modelling: Swiss Sediment Bypass Tunnel Field Study

Sebastien Erpicum
New theoretical model of flow over an ogee crest

Willi H. Hager
HENRY BAZIN and his weir flow research

Mike Phillips
Using Risk Informed Design at the Prado Dam Spillway Modification

Roman Gabl
Numerical simulation of a Venturi-shaped structure for a tidal turbine


Thursday, 11:30 – 13:00

Sevket Cokgor
Pressure fluctuations on the bottom under the unsteady flow

Gaetano Crispino
Optimal hydraulic design of supercritical bend manholes

Yajayra Diaz
Prado Dam Spillway Modifications

Troy Lyons
Performance of a Large Plunge-type Drop Shaft

Kerry Mazurek
Public Safety at Low Head Dams: Conveying Persons from Danger

Christian Sundberg
Origin of AWWA C207 Ring Flange Design

Rahul Kumar Garg
Transient analysis in penstock under different plant operating conditions

Angelo Leopardi
Dam break wave interacting with rigid obstacles


Thursday, 14:00 – 16:00

Durjoy Arzu
Relationship between embankment strength and soil properties using small models

Matthias Kramer
Recent advances in remote sensing of aerated flows

Hubert Chanson
Self-aeration in free-surface flows at high Reynolds number (2.6E+6 – 1.1E+8)

Theo Dezert
Supported placed riprap exposed to overtopping: structure from motion study

Roman Gabl
Simulation of a pipe burst for hydropower penstocks

Tantao Song
Research on hydraulic and velocity distribution characteristics of wedge aerator

Ran Wang
Regulation intensity of pumped storage units in renewable energy systems

James Yang
Refurbishment for Effective Energy Dissipation in Chute Spillway, Physical & Numerical Modeling

Giuseppe Roberto Pisaturo
Experimental analysis of Cepparello dam duckbill spillways Man-yue LamOptimization of a small-scale Tidal Range Schemes in UK

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