4b Integrated flood risk management

Tuesday, 11:30 – 13:00

Joseph Kim
Field measurements of Tsunami Evacuation Behaviour in Canada’s Pacific Coast

Nino Krvavica
Experiences with Pluvial Flood Risk Mapping in Croatia at Multiple Spatial Scales

Riku Kubota
Fragility curve between flood index and human damage

Yong Tu
Analysis of real-time dynamic warning thresholds for flash floods

Angela Toniato
Improving Flood Information to Support Decision Making

Mohammad Javad Ostad Mirza Tehrani
Flood Assessment for Sustainable Development: A Case Study of Bandar Abbas, Iran

Daniele Pietro Viero
Flood damage assessment considering within-event time-varying hazard, exposure, and vulnerability


Tuesday, 14:00 – 16:00

Pablo Durán-Barroso
Corresponding Flood Event and Flood-Risk Maps Using Eo (Gévora River)

Federico Gabriel Giurich
A Probabilistic Methodology for DBA and Its Comparison to Current Methods

Danny Janssen
BresDefender: Large scale physical experiments to stop breach flow

Junbeom Jo
Assessment of flood risk using maximum storm surge prediction formula

Yong Tu
Analysis of real-time dynamic warning threshold for flash floods

Watin Thanathanphon
Decision Support System for Flood Forecasting in Thailand

Xiaolei Zhang
Driving factors and risk identification of flash flood disasters

Sheik Umar Jam-Jalloh
Coupling WRF with HEC-HMS and WRF-Hydro Models for Flood Forecasting

Sebastián López
Distributed hydrological modeling of Suquía´s basin, for flood warning system

Atsuya Ikemoto
Evaluation and Study of Flood Damage Reduction for Future Flood Control Use of Irrigation Reservoirs in the View of Local

Misaki Ijima
Climate Change Adaptation Assessment on the Tsuruda Dam Redevelopment Project


Tuesday, 16:30 – 18:00

Hossein Bonakdari
Modeling daily streamflow using Machine Learning and Catchment Water Balance

Kamal El Kadi Abderrezzak
Two-dimensional numerical modelling of floods due to levee breaching

Salar Haghighatafshar
Rainfall, baseflow and sea-level impact on river-flooding in coastal city

Kola Yusuff Kareem
Post-Flood Damage Assessment using Remote Sensing and Deep Learning Techniques

Mohamed Saber
Machine Learning Techniques for Flood Susceptibility in Vietnam

Mustafa Samad
Nuclear power plant safety against flooding in changing climate

Luis Angel Espinosa
Temporal Changes in Annual Climatological Series in a Coastal City

Antony Nam Fung Wan
Inter-reservoirs Transfer Scheme – Flood Prevention and Water Conservation


Wednesday, 11:30 – 13:00

Leon Besseling
Towards real-time probabilistic assessment of dike failure and corresponding outflow

Kamal El Kadi Abderrezzak
Effects of main channel width on fluvial dike breaching

Tomasz Dysarz
Sediment transport impact on flood hazard in the Warta river

Laura García
Uncertainty analysis of precipitation thresholds for the Olivares watershed, Colombia

Duncan McLuckie
Strategic Management of Flood Risk in Australia


Thursday, 08:30 – 09:30

Mark Cheetham
Embracing digital twin technology for railway flood risk management

Satoru Oishi
Predictability of thousand square-kilometers inundation by coupling meteorological-hydrological flood forecasting

Monique Retallick
A Simple and Fast Urban Micro-Hydrology (UMH) Model

Yuan-Shun Chang
Quantification of Flood Impact on Regional Heritage

Jingwen Wang
Judgements and analysis about dam-break possibilities and final breach shape


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