3c Sediment transport, deposition and remobilisation

Monday, 16:30 – 18:00

Ronja Ehlers
3D Numerical Free Surface Modeling of local erosion under current

Seline Frei
Effect of Grain-Size Distribution Discretization in Morphodynamic Simulations with Mixed-Sized Sediment

Yesheng Lu
Bed shear stress estimation in vegetated channels with smooth beds

Alexandra Murray
Sediment Management to Reduce Flooding in the Shabelle River Basin

Stefano Pagliara
Effect of rigid vegetation on equilibrium bed morphology

Bernhard Vowinckel
Simulation data analysis of flocculation in turbulence using population-balance models

Wenjun Zhang
Bridge pier scour due to dynamic debris jams

Marianna Soler
Characterisation of sediment flash floods in wetlands


Tuesday, 16:30 – 18:00

Jochen Aberle
Temporal development of propeller jet induced scours at quay walls

Michele Trevisson
Fine-sediment erosion in immobile coarse-grained beds: a hydrodynamic perspective

Marlene Haimann
Evaluation of suspended sediment concentrations relative to established ecological thresholds

Kevin Reiterer
Grainsize Specific Advection and Dispersion Characteristics of Gravel Augmentations

Mina Rouzegar
Experimental investigation of asymmetric border ice effect on sediment transport

Hong Francesco Coscarella
The Role of Vegetation on Streambed Instability

Junjian Deng
Fine stock dynamics along an engineered gravel bed river

Haoyang Zeng


Wednesday, 08:30 -09:30

Israel E. Herrera-Díaz
Hydrodynamic removal of sediments particles in open irrigation channel

Yan Liu
Influence of submergence on turbulent flow over boulder arrays

Nils Reidar B. Olsen
A new OpenFOAM solver for sediment transport

Mingyang Wang
Influence of Vegatation Submergence on the Transportation of Suspended Sediment

Jeroen Stark
iFlow: Applications of an Idealized Model for Tides and Sediment


Thursday, 08:30 -09:30

Yuhang Chen
Transport and deposition pattern of sediment-laden jet in wave environment

Jennifer Duan
Turbulence Flow Field and Local Scour around Three-Pier Group

Veysel S. Yavuz
Sediment Transport Modelling Using HECRAS: Çakıtsuyu Creek, Seyhan River Basin

Mario Klösch
Bridging gaps between laboratory and field in analysing bedload tracers

Jinrong Yao
Numerical simulation of seafloor hydrothermal circulation in Tianxiu hydrothermal zone

Yunfei Mao
Simulation of near-field tsunami waves using an SPH framework



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