1a River processes, monitoring and modelling

Tuesday, 14:00 – 16:00

Juan Cabrera
Empirical Equation to Estimate Flows in Rivers With Armored Bed

Irina Klassen
Studies of hydrodynamics and morphodynamics in a parameterizable meandering model

Shanshan Deng
Early-warning framework of bank erosion in the Middle Yangtze River

María Díaz-redondo
Geomorphological renaturalization of the Jarama River under an eco-hydraulic perspective

Robert Ettema
Heat Sensitivity of Rivers Draining Mountains: A North American Example

Tae-hee Lee
Developing a flood discharge measurement system that combines drones and radar

Eleonora Perugini
Low-cost approach to estimate the flood-induced scour at critical bridges

Daan W. Poppema
Floating debris during the 2021 European floods: an experimental study and observations

Simone Speltoni
Macro-roughness elements for river restoration: flow structures

Donatella Termini
Estimating hydrodynamic changes in rivers by monitoring freshwater mussels’ response


Tuesday, 16:30 – 18:00

Luis Alejandro Camacho
Tracer experiments in Andean mountain streams: what can we learn?

Bastien Cerino
Development of Kelvin Helmholtz coherent structures over a rough bed

Joke De Meester
A data-driven approach to assess the impact of drought measures

Yoshitaka Hirotsugu
A new monitoring method of flow and scour around pier

Jiajia Pan
A New Stream Tube Method for Wintertime Transverse Flow Distributions in Rivers

Daniele Tonina
Mapping surface-subsurface water exchange at the riverine segment scale

Ryuichi Hirakawa
Inundation Characteristics of Meandering Rivers in Mountainous Areas in Japan

Hideto Yoshimura
Development of unsteady river flow solver using hierarchical cartesian grids


Wednesday, 08:30 – 09:30

Inhyeok Bae
Flow resistance due to blockage effects of patchy vegetation

Charalampos Doulgeris
Estimating NAM rainfall-runoff model parameters for ungauged hydrological catchments

Cristina Prieto
Hypothesis testing to identify dominant hydrological mechanisms in ungauged catchments

Nebiyu Mereke
Numerical modeling and CFD simulation of hydrokinetic Banki turbine

Geovanni Teran Velasquez
Estimation of longitudinal denitrification along backwater-influenced river sections


Thursday, 08:30 – 09:30

Sewoong Chung
Assessing GHG footprint of multi-purpose dam reservoirs in temperate regions

Antonio-juan Collados-lara
Assessing impacts of climate change scenarios on river water temperature

Pauline Enguehard
Amazonian floodplains modeling sensitivity to grid size and diffuse runoff

Jiaming Liu
Unsteady hydraulic features of floods in a compound channel

Honoka Okuyama
Study on estimation method of ice jam occurrence location


Thursday, 11:30 – 13:00

Richard Jurisits
Transient solutions for solitary waves in turbulent open-channel flow

Yuki Kajikawa
Three-Dimensional Flood Flow Analysis in a River Bend Confluence

Hao Lin
An optimized entropy-based model for estimating velocity distributions at confluencesn

Jiawei Lin
Turbulence dissipation near water surface in a channel confluence

Qianyu Luo
Turbulence and water surface deformations over the spanwise heterogeneous bed

Alan Smalley
Understanding Cryptosporidium trends in a major UK river system

Subhojit Kadia
Supercritical Flow Characteristics in a Narrow Channel Bend

Hyeokjin Lee
Algorithm development of detailed DTM based on drone and vegetation-filters

Jiwon Ryu
Application of Bulk and Composite Roughness Coefficients for HEC-RAS Modeling


Thursday, 14:00 – 16:00

Omnia Abouelsaad
Numerical simulation of water quality in Nile River in Egypt

Antonia Dallmeier
Representing hydraulic resistance of flexible floodplain vegetation in numerical modelling

Ana Maria Ferreira da Silva
Location of maximum velocity in ice-covered channels

Melissa Latella
Multitemporal monitoring shedding light on gravel-bed river processes

Michael Nones
Integrating water quality monitoring with numerical modelling in two Mediterranean remote basins

Chao Qin
Multifrequency downstream hydraulic geometry of rivers located in Tibet Plateau

Finn Amann
Integral Modelling of Surface Water-Porewater Interactions induced by Single Cobbles

Michal Dytkiewicz
Seasonal Changes in Hydraulic Resistance Of Lowland River With Vegetation

Daniele Pietro Viero
Increased conveyance during severe floods in the lower Po River

Yunqiang Zhu
Preliminary results of vortex characteristics within channel confluence shear layers


Thursday, 16:30 – 18:00

Behnam Balouchi
Temporal analysis of the Braided River Index by satellite images

Theerpol Charoensuk
Improving the skill of the Chao Phraya hydrologic forecasting system

Marie-Pierre Gosselin
Testing of UAV for the mapping of freshwater pearl mussels

Martin Luna Juncal
Application of High-Frequency Sensors for Real-Time Water Quality Monitoring

Yonghui Zhu
Experimental study on river bank collapse under influencing factors

Wataru Ueda
Influence of captured driftwood on fluid force of river bridge

Alessandro Sgarabotto
Using smart sensors to track woody debris in flume experiments

Luiz Eduardo Domingos de Oliveira
Effect of geometric shapes on vegetated lateral cavities

Yuan Xue
3-D River Network Extraction Based on Multisource Remote Sensing

Tao Wang
Simulation of river ice processes in the Yellow River


Friday, 08:30 – 09:30

Butsawan Bidorn: Recent Changes in Sediment Supply to the Chao Phraya Delta

Parisa Khorsandi Kuhanestani: Improving mesh set-up to increase cross-sectional-area accuracy for water-level prediction

Eddy Langendoen: Improved analysis procedures of soil erosion resistance measurement methods

Kengo Osada: Numerical model of woody debris behavior in rivers and floodplains

Yuanheng Zhang: Formation and structure of wake flows after a rectangular vegetation patch

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