All presenting authors are kindly asked to transfer their presentations (either PPT- or PDF-format) via USB-stick to our presentation management system on the day before their respective session (or – if not otherwise possible – no later than 2 hours before the respective session) in the Speaker Preview Room (Room 0.16). Participants will not be allowed to use their own personal laptops to present their work.

Please, report to the Session Chair of your session 10 minutes before the session in your respective presentation room. The Session Chair will give you additional information about the presenting mode in this session.

The presentations should be either in PPT- or PDF-format. It is recommended that the presenters do not use any special compression codec for the animations. Note: It is possible to show embedded videos, but it is not possible to play any sound.

All presentations will be given in English language!

Oral presentations (12 min + 3 min = 15 min)

For oral presentations, we kindly ask you to prepare a 10-minute presentation on your topic. After your presentation, there will be a 2-minute question and answer session, during which the audience will have the opportunity to seek clarification or discuss aspects of your presentation further.

Short oral presentations (4 min + 1 min = 5 min)

For those delivering short oral presentations, your time allocation will be 3 minutes for the presentation itself, followed by a 1-minute question and answer period.

If the presenter takes more than the scheduled time, the discussion time may be reduced or cancelled accordingly.

All presenters are asked to supervise their poster during the whole poster session. The format for poster is portrait with approx. 84 cm x 59 cm.