Early Bird registration extended until 1 May 2023

Prof. Helmut Habersack

Head of Local Organizing Committee

Welcome to the 30th Conference of the Danubian Countries in Vienna!



Danube Conferences traditionally are the common connections of the hydrological regional cooperation. These meetings commenced in Budapest in 1961. Since 1975, cooperation has been conducted within the framework of the International Hydrological Programme (IHP) of UNESCO.

Danube Conferences are the discussion platform for hydrologists from different countries in the Danube basin. This allows discussing the important problems of modern hydrology, which are very actual to the Danube basin, namely the hydrological modeling and forecasting, floods and droughts, water quality and pollutants, water management, water security, climate, and streamflow changes, etc.

The XXXth Conference, in a series of biennial conferences alternatingly held by the Danubian countries, is now planned.



The aims of the Conference are:

  • to foster the exchange of hydrological basic information;
  • to improve and adopt new models and techniques for hydrological forecasting and parameters at several time and space scales;
  • to deal with disasters in an appropriate manner;
  • to better articulate the role of hydrological and biotic processes in aquatic systems;
  • to link different fields of science;
  • to promote cooperation of the Danubian countries;

Both methodological approaches as well as case studies from the Danubian countries are welcome.