IAHR_5_S2: Transport dynamics of plastics in aquatic environments

Convenors: Arianna Varrani (Polish Academy of Sciences and University of Bologna), Daniel Valero Huerta (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and IHE Delft Institute for Water Education), Alexandra Murray (DHI A/S), Luca Solari (University of Florence)

Plastics can be found in aquatic and terrestrial environments. An increasing number of studies highlight the impacts of plastics in human and environmental systems and the potential hazards they pose in living organisms (from plants to humans), urging for interdisciplinary efforts. Whether by wind or water, various mechanisms are responsible for the transport of plastics, of all sizes, through the environment. To date, limited knowledge is available on the transport mechanisms of plastics in water bodies and via hydrological processes, which hinders the progress on modelling of plastic fluxes and may handicap monitoring efforts.

In this special session, we welcome contributions that directly address the dynamics and transport of plastics in aquatic environments, either in urban networks, freshwater systems, or and marine settings. Most welcome are modelling studies about the transport dynamics of plastics, with a focus on methods and techniques. This session is a space to discuss the hydrodynamics of plastics and the tools used for their incipient study, provides an overview of the cutting-edge research on plastic transport driven by water systems, and may help outlining future research directions and collaboration opportunities.


Gábor Fleit
Coupled field and numerical analysis of riverine macroplastic transport

Nithin Achutha Shettigar
Size-dependent transport of microplastics with population balance modelling approach

Mamoru Tanaka
Variance and precision of microplastic sampling in urban rivers

Daniele Martuscelli
Laboratory analysis of plastic particle transport in vegetated patches

James Lofty
Do microplastics and natural sediments saltate similarly?

Markus Holzner
Influence of microplastics composition and algae aggregates on particle settling



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