IAHR_4_S3: Water Engineering Design in a Changing Climate

Convenor: Roberto Ranzi (University of Brescia)

This session invites experts to present their experiences about criteria and case studies of adaptation of engineering design of hydraulic infrastructures and water resource management to climate change. It will present methods for the analysis of non-stationary time series and of the estimate of the hydrological and hydraulic design variables as precipitation, floods, droughts, sea level, and storm surges. Guidence for designing urban stormwater drainage systems, dam spillways, river embarkments, reservoirs, coastal defence systems will be presented.


Desana Stambuk
Climate change effects on development of Intensity-Duration-Frequency (IDF) Curves

Roberto Ranzi
Climate change impact and adaptation: hints from the IPCC AR6

Van-Thanh-Van Nguyen
Modeling of Extreme Rainfall Processes in a Changing Climate

Philipp Werner
Experimental impact analysis of climate change on vertical slot passes

Antonella Spadaro
Safety criteria for mitigation of flood consequences on bridges

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