IAHR_2_S2: Marine Outfall Systems

Convener: Majid Mohammadian (University of Ottawa, Canada)

This special session deals with marine outfall systems including surface and submarine outfalls. The design and siting of outfalls is a complex task that relies on many disciplines including oceanography, civil and environmental engineering, marine biology, construction, economics, public relations and social and cultural matters.


Ahmed Al Kasbi
Analytical model of effluent discharge under tidal oscillations

Hossein Kheirkhah Gildeh
Effluent Discharge Modelling in Shallow Waters

Wing Keung, Adrian Law
Mixing of Inclined Dense Jets in Stagnant Ambient with Canopy

Danial Goodarzi
Numerical simulation of buoyant jet in linearly stratified flowing ambient

Sina Tahmooresi
Distribution of turbulent Schmidt number in inclined negatively buoyant jets

Shuen Law
Large Eddy Simulations of Desalination Discharges


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