8c Modern instrumentation and experimental technologies

Thursday, 11:30 – 13:00

Mikael Hedberg
Experimental and computational evaluation of fish passageway with porous media

Tom Roessger
A Test Flume for Assessing Fish Behaviour during Downstream Movement

Keigo Namikawa
Exploration technology using cosmic ray muons applied to river embankment

Falko Wagner
Fish behavior in turbine inlets and other downstream migration corridors.

Nevin Cracknell
Flip bucket jet trajectory investigation using an RGB-D camera

Yang Liu
Study on the Collapse of Cavitation Bubbles by LBM

Weijia Yang
Hybrid physical model of hydraulic-mechanical-electrical coupling dynamic system


Thursday, 14:00 – 16:00

Mohamad Basel AlSawaf
New Insights into Continuous Estimation of Streamflow Direction Using Travel-Time

Yen-Cheng Lin
Multipronged Method to Estimate River Bathymetry with Non-intrusive Technique

Chunjing Liu
Identification and tracking method of sediment particles on mobile beds

Marian Muste
Monitoring the Manning’s n coefficient variation over the yearly cycle

Zhangjie Peng
Quantifying Cross-sectional Concentrations in Accelerating Pipe Flows

Cheng-Wei Wu
Optimization of Interrogation Area for Large-scale Particle Image Velocimetry
Zhigao Zhao
Physical model test and simulation of variable-speed pumped storage system

Sofi Aamir Majid
Experimental Investigation of Pressure-Flow Scour using Particle Image Velocimetry

Frédérique Larrarte
PUMP Erosion Test: an erodimeter for field studies

Christina Carstensen
Pump-driven generation of long-period ship waves in experimental flumes


Thursday, 16:30 – 18:00

Shokoofeh Abbaszadeh
A robotic fish-mimicking device for ecohydraulic research

Saber Ansari
Deep-learning optical flow compared to conventional large-scale image velocimetry techniques

Pablo Garcia
Drones as support for the management of a polluted basin

Tom Roessger
Comparison of a virtual fish against an artificial surrogate fish

Clara Streule
Comparison of UVP and ADV for flow velocity and turbulence measurements

Mohammad Javad Ostad Mirza Tehrani
Energy Dissipation on Stepped Spillways: The Effect of Mounted Step Roughness


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