7b Reservoir management

Thursday, 16:30 -18:00

Antonio-juan Collados-lara
Comparing evaporation rates from eddy-covariance with traditional methods in reservoirs

Sevket Cokgor
Performance of Sediment Flushing Channel near the Hydropower Water Intake

Sebnem Elçi
Factors Influencing Cyanobacterial Dominance: Analysis of Lakes in Central Germany

Stephan Suter
The benefits of a decision-support-system for lake management in Switzerland

Dongmin Kim
Effect of turbidity current on algae growth in stratified reservoir

Isidro Alberto Pilares-Hualpa
Determination of hydrologic capacity with the sequent peak algorithm for Verde reservoir

Sebnem Elçi
Renewable Energy Powered Artificial Mixing of the Reservoirs

Zhigang Wang
A siphon-type emergency flood discharging technology


Friday, 12:00 – 14:00

Maritza Liliana Arganis Juarez
Optimal Hydropower Operation by Varying the Effect of Inflows Autocorrelation

Lingwei Chen
Wind Drag Coefficient in Large Shallow Lakes: Experimental Study and Modeling Application

Pheeranat Dornpunya
Reservoir Inflow Forecasting of the Bhumibol Dam Using Xgboost Algorithm

Ekkehard Holzbecher
Saltwater Intrusion and Groundwater Rise – A Modelling Study

Pablo Santoro
Hydrodynamic and water quality modelling of a subtropical reservoir

Tomasz Dysarz
Potential effects of internal dam-break in the Stare Maisto reservoir

Sanjukta Das
A Simulation-Optimization Model for Parameter Estimation in Unconfined Aquifers

Ichiro Kimura
Computational Study on Submerged Large Wood Behavior In A Reservoir

Byungjoo Kim
Numerical modeling of an inertial gravity current at an edge drainage

Yunxiao Jia
Research on Optimization of Reservoir Stoplog-Operation Based on Spatiotemporal Thermal-Regime


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