7a Sustainable hydropower, navigation and irrigation

Thursday, 14:00 – 16:00

Calvin Frees
Hydroacoustic Monitoring of Fish Behaviour at Electrified Fish Guiding Structures

Haitham Ghamry
Using PIV to improve barracks guidance for downstream migrating fish

Bastien Jouy
Using a Boussinesq-type 1-D model to simulate Favre waves

Mohamed Murshid Shamsuddeen
IGT: A new hydropower converter for ultra-low head sites

Katelyn Kirby
Practical considerations of conducting river hydrokinetic energy resource assessments

Julius Maier
Performance analysis of a halved Zuppinger waterwheel

Caroline Salomão
Spatial patterns of in/equality: Water-energy-food nexus at reservoirs in Colombia

Josef Schneider
Numerical studies of turbine passage of fish

Cornelia Schütz
Fishway Attraction on Large and Medium Sized Waterways

Asli Bor Türkben
Novel Design of a Vertical Axis Hydrokinetic Turbine

Calvin Stephen
Fish-friendly Micro-Hydropower: Centrifugal Screw Pump-as-Turbines

Gabriele Farina
Modeling a historical lowland irrigation channel network in northern Italy.


Thursday, 16:30 – 18:00

Kyle Egerer
Coupling Hydrological Modelling with Decision Support Systems for Resilient Irrigation

Alireza Farhadi
Approach channel side inflow in navigation locks: a case study.

Matteo Postacchini
Application of a hydrokinetic turbine along the Misa River (Italy)

Hannes Zöschg
Ecologically Compatible Hydropower Use as Part of a River Restoration

Estefania Tineo
Design and Construction of Cross-Flow Turbines Fabricated With Recycled Polymers

Laura Pulgarin
Climatic patterns impacts on Colombia’s rivers and hydropower operations

Stuart Cameron
A comparative analysis of hydrokinetic turbine performance at low chord-based Reynolds number

Alireza Farhadi
A case study on reservoir sedimentation in Mekong basin

Annisak Laila Rakhmawati
Assessing waves energy potential in Indonesia using satellite data

Cosimo Peruzzi
An in-house low-cost device to measure water depth called ArduHydro


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