6c Urban sewer and sediment management

Thursday, 08:30 – 09:30

Martina Hauser
Future challenges for urban drainage systems in mountain regions

Huichen Zhang
H2S mass transfer under turbulent conditions at sewer drop structures

Adri Verwey
Urban Storm Water Data Challenges Now and in the Future

Madhu K. Murali
Recycling Waste Heat from Industrial Wastewater Treatment Processes

Ajay Shrinivas Muthukumar
Secondary Flow and Residence Times in a Vortex-Type Retention Pond


Thursday, 11:30 – 13:00

Habib Ahmari
Laboratory Testing of Engineered Media for Biofiltration Swales

Vittorio Di Federico
Simulation of temperature variations in sewer systems: preliminary results

Cristiana Di Cristo
Sewer system sensor location based on the impact coefficient

Maria Sambito
Topological pre-conditioning for Bayesian optimal sensor location in drainage systems

David F. Vetsch
Resilient Rivers: interdisciplinary research on refugia, connectivity and stepping stones

Cumhur Özbey
Statistical Analysis of Biogas Production from Wastewater: A Case Study

Teresa Steininger-Mairinger
State-of-the-art non-targeted analysis of surface water and river bank filtrate

Ivana Lučin
Coupled ML-optimization technique for leak localization in water distribution networks


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Room 0.11


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