6a Urban floods and droughts

Tuesday, 8:30 – 09:30

Elisa Beteille
Validation data for numerical codes dealing with unsteady urban flooding

Se Dong Jang
Urban Flood Prediction using Rainfall Statistics and AI Model

Esteban Sañudo
Validation of the 2D/1D model Iber-SWMM on a large-scale physical-model

Arris Tijsseling
Tilting Manhole Covers

Lars Backhaus
WetUrban – Model-based Management of Urban Water Extremes

Yexuan Sun
A coupled LTS-based model for urban flood and drainage systems


Tuesday, 11:30 – 13:00

Clément Fagour
Pollutant dispersion during urban flooding : a laboratory experiment

Nanako Inokawa
Effect of Water gate barriers to prevent underground flooding

Alok Kumar
On applicability of Dynamic and Local Porous-SWEs in Urban Flood

Qijie Li
Risk Assessment of Ascending Evacuation in Devastating Urban Flooding Events

Yusi Wu
Numerical modeling of the flood in Zhuhai during typhoon “Hato”

Weiqiang Zheng
Spatial Variability of Short-Duration Extreme Rainfall in Shanghai, China

Hyeonju Kim
The Application of the Budyko Framework to Improve SWMM-derived Evaporation

Yu-tung Chiang
Role of constructed wetland for flood mitigation in urban area


Wednesday, 8.30-9.30

Arnau Bayon
Identifying potential urban-flood-debris objects (PUFDOs) in previous major floods

Leon Frederik De Vos
Improving boundary conditions in urban numerical flood modelling

Sebastien Erpicum
Laboratory modelling of urban flooding: an open dataset

Husnain Tansar
Implementation Strategies of Detention Tanks for Improving Drainage System Resilience


Wednesday, 11:30 – 13:00

James Ball
Combining Deep Learning and GIS for Urban Catchment Modelling

Hibiki Kitajima
Numerical Simulation of Inundation and Evaluation of Stormwater Storage Potential

Seith Ncwanga Mugume
Effectiveness of blue-green infrastructure for enhancing urban drainage system resilience

Kojiro Nakamoto
Experimental Study on Difficulty of Evacuation During Urban Floods

Hang Wang
Air entrainment by hydraulic jumps in partially-filled circular pipe

Qijie Li
Multi-dimensional Hydrodynamic Model of Urban flooding

Qian Yu
Green infrastructures performance towards stormwater management under climate change

Chen Liang
Influence of Staircase Design on Flood Characteristics in Underground Spaces


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