4d Climate change and water management

Thursday, 11:30 – 13:00

Yannick Back
Beyond current interventions to increase cities’ resilience to water scarcity

Henning Bjornlund
Climate change adaptation from rejuvenating irrigation schemes in southern Africa

Guinevere Nalder
Climate Change Adaption for Open Channels and Lakes

Ioana Popescu
A worldwide review of hydro-hazards hotspots under global change

Kanishk Saxena
A Multi-Objective Multi-Reservoir Study using Particle Swarm Optimization under Hedging

Alice Andral
Water surface availability and its change over time

Sogol Moradian
Evaluation of NEX-GDDP-CMIP6 temperature projections across Cork, Ireland


Thursday, 14:00 – 16:00

Jadon Beerlandt
First Results Of Freshwater Lens Monitoring in an Artificial Dune

Gianluca Eugenio
Green roof rainfall – runoff modelling in semi-arid climates

Aras Izzaddin
Evaluation of climate models over Southern Apennines of Italy

Yoonji Kim
Efficiency Analysis of Best Management Practices (BMPs) under Climate Change

Kayle Krieg
Climate Change in Maryland USA: Opportunities in the Water Sector

Daisuke Nohara
Climate change impact assessment on seasonal reservoir operation for hydropower

Sabab Ali Shah
Decomposition of Hydrological Response to Climate Change and Anthropogenic Activities

Mohammad Zeynoddin
Exhaustive Optimized Machine Learning, Modeling, and Analysis of Evapotranspiration

Daniel Eduardo Villarreal Jaime
Return periods estimation for precipitation and discharge using ECMWF reforecasts

Hayata Yanagihara
Evaluation of High-Floor Houses for Pluvial Floods in Japan

Annisak Laila Rakhmawati
Governance Indicator Framework in Policy, Financing, and Cooperation for IWRM


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