3e Sediment management in reservoirs and river basins

Wednesday, 08.30-09.30

Kilian Mouris
A novel model chain predicts reservoir sedimentation considering hydro-climatic changes

Sameh Kantoush
Impacts of hydrodynamics and morphological evolutions on river sediment budget

Ursula Stephan
Physical modelling of silting processes in small flood retention basins

Lorenz Lenhart
Sediment management: Conventional and alternative sediment management solutions


Wednesday, 11:30 – 13:00

Ismail Albayrak
Efficiency Evaluation of Solis Sediment Bypass Tunnel in Switzerland

Sayedreza Jafarzadeh
Effects of DEM on Sediment Yield Estimation in River Basin

Thomas Gold
Effects of gate positions on the flushing efficiency of RoR-HPPs

Dominik Worf
Level-Set simulation of flushing for RoR-HPPs with immersed boundary method

Jennifer Duan
Case Study: Sediment Transport Simulation at Munds Draw Watershed

Yiping Li
Mechanism of Hypoxic Blackwater Events in Reservoirs with Eucalyptus Plantation

Fong-Zuo Lee
Desilting efficiency improvement using dredged channel in a reservoir


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