3a River sediment management and morphodynamics

Thursday, 16:30 – 18:00

Michael Nones
Effects of dams on the downstream river morphological changes

Temma Fujii
Impacts of Seigyu structure on riverbeds and its geometrical changes

Saroj Karki
Impact of Sediment on the morphology of Terai-Chure Rivers, Nepal

John Wendelbo
Evaluation of local scour around submerged structures using CFD modelling

Ingo Schnauder
Flume Study on Scour of Root Structures in Wood Installations

Asli Bor Türkben
Morphological analysis of Buyuk Menderes River using satellite imagery

Meirong Zhou
Evolution mechanisms of mid-channel bars in the Middle Yangtze River


Friday, 08:30 – 09:30

Stefan Achleitner
Morphodynamic Impact of Increasing Diversion Discharge in an Alpine River

Yavuz Ozeren
Numerical and Experimental Analysis of Granular Dam-Break Flows and Embankment Breach

Søren Tjerry
Morphological Modelling of Tidal Bathymetry and Bank Erosion in Bangladesh

Heli Yu
Modelling of bank erosion using a 3D numerical model

Sannasiraj Sannasi Annamalaisamy
Morphodynamic Changes and Influencing Forces due to Dams: Integrated Study


Friday, 12:00 – 14:00

Luka Javornik
Bedload management on Sava Dolinka River using sediment transport modelling

Daichi Matsuo
Effects of flow three-dimensionality on sediment transport and riverbed topography

Thanos Papanicolaou
Turbulent Hydraulics Around Habitat Boulders

Theo St Pierre Ostrander
Development of mountain river confluence morphodynamics considering multiple channel gradients

Chong-yu Sun
Thalwag evolution in braided river considering interaction with river structures

Miguel Wong
Diversion in washload-dominated setting with limited migration, but very meandering

Léa Kieffer
Numerical simulation of river bed scour and fill during flood

Lehong Zhu
Simulating the Channel Morphological Evolution in the Yellow River Delta

Pawan Kumar Bhattarai
Investigating on the effect of Approach Flow on Bridge Scour

Giovanni De Cesare
Physical modelling of sediment trap for Le Bez River, Switzerland Julia SandbergerPhysical Model of a deadwood structure to initiate bank erosion


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