2c Coastal hydraulic engineering structures

Thursday, 11:30 – 13:00

Mohammad Saud Afzal
3d Numerical Study of Hydrodynamics Around a Monopile Foundation

Fanny Baena
LCOE calculation on a wave energy farm

Ana Mendonça
Run-Up and Overtopping Analysis in Coastal Protection Structures: Video-Monitoring Techniques

Sang-Ho Oh
Physical experiments on self-rotating movable surge and wave barrier

Karthik Ramaswamy
Optimizing seawall crown shapes with CFD to minimize overtopping

Miguel Santamaría
Scale effects in runup and rundown in a wave flume

Jagilinki Aravind
Turbulence structures around a submerged structure in wave current flows

M.A. Habib
Prediction of wave overtopping rates at sloping structures using artificial intelligence


Thursday, 16:30 – 18:00

Enbo Xing
Numerical Simulation of High Reynolds Flow around Structure via Cumulant LBM

Theofanis Karambas
A Methodology for Harbour Layout Design based on Machine Learning

Aruna Nandasena
Tsunami Impact on Fujairah Port Breakwaters: Small-Scale Experimental Assessment

Erik Ruijgh
The Lake Gatun Water Quality Model for the Panama Canal

C.R. Chu
Numerical Simulation of the Bridge Decks in Wave-Current Combined Flows

Tiago Fazeres-Ferradosa
Adaptation of a Current Flume to a Wave-Current Flume for Coastal Studies


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Room 0.12


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