1b Preservation and restoration of rivers

Frida Luz Avila Miranda
Reintroduction of shrimps in the lifeless Rimac river-Urban reach

Florian Borgwardt
European-wide river restoration needs, potentials and prioritisation of measures

Christine Sindelar
Innovative groynes to establish fish passability of regulated rivers

Paul Demuth
Typical layouts of river widening projects in Switzerland

Christin Kannen
Ecological benefits of bridge pier scours

Ingo Schnauder
Flume Study on Bridge Pier Jamming

Laura Maria Stancanelli
Biodiversity assessment based on genetic material spreading in river network

Megumi Uemura
Effect of consecutively assembled boulders on flow velocity fields

Ping Wang
Backwater rise and drag caused by vegetation in nonuniform flow

Yuko Ishida
Yodogawa Riverside Park restoration through collaboration between citizens and government

Andrej Skrinár
Restoration of the small lowland river within the spatial constrains

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