WLR_4d: Integrated management & shared benefits

Lessons learn from a co-design in a big river basin

David Post
Research to inform climate adaptation in the Murray-Darling Basin, Australia

Rebecca Peters
How can renewables relieve the dam-building pressure on African rivers?

Tom Buijse
Integrated monitoring and evaluation of pilot with longitudinal training walls

Nadezhda Kharlampeva
The Arctic Mouth Hydrology: history of monitoring

Justin Hughes
Web based river models to inform development in Northern Australia

Sebastian Birk
Restoring Europe’s Large Rivers for Nature and Society

Frederic Laval
Rhône Sediment Management Master Plan between Geneva and Mediterranean Sea

Martin Schletterer
River Science is supported by long-term research: the example REFCOND_Volga

Bon Hyun Koo
Development of City River Management Platform in the Smart City

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Worlds Large Rivers Conference