WLR_3b: River ecology and restoration

Wednesday, 11.30-13.00

Gábor Fleit
Coupled field and numerical analysis of riverine macroplastic transport

Nithin Achutha Shettigar
Size-dependent transport of microplastics with population balance modelling approach

Mamoru Tanaka
Variance and precision of microplastic sampling in urban rivers

Daniele Martuscelli
Laboratory analysis of plastic particle transport in vegetated patches

James Lofty
Do microplastics and natural sediments saltate similarly?

Markus Holzner
Influence of microplastics composition and algae aggregates on particle settling


Friday, 08.30-09.30

Jennifer Lisa Insupp
Monitoring: A technical approach for long-term management of river restoration and conservation

Martin Schletterer
Seasonal plankton-dynamics in a free-flowing section of the Ob River

Maria Collins
Planning and Execution of Sensor Fish Deployments at Xayaburi HPP

Stephanie Oswald
Vertical distribution of riverine macro- and mesoplastics

David Range
Hydro-geomorphic perspectives on microplastic transport in the Rhine River

Teresa Serra
Microplastic retention by lagoons surrounded by vegetation in wetland areas

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