IAHR_3_S2: Surrogate techniques for river sediment transport monitoring

Monday, 14:00 – 16:00

Gordon Gilja: A user’s perspective on bedload sampler’s field deployment

Leonardo Schippa: Dune celerity and bed-load quantification derived from acoustical survey.

Massimo Guerrero: Turbulence Implications on Suspended Sediment Concentration -Assessment by Using the ADCP

Flóra Pomázi: Hysteretic relationships in suspended sediment transport in the Danube River

Manuel Pirker: Plate Accelerators for Bedload Monitoring in Run-of-River Plants: Laboratory Testing

Georgios Maniatis: KiVi: the smartest of pebbles

Takahiro Koshiba: Experimental study on surrogate sand transport monitoring with signal processing

Slaven Conevski: Acoustic measurements for reservoir sedimentation analysis

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