IAHR_Special: Turbulence Modelling for and Simulation of Hydro-environmental Flows – Past, Present, Future

Convenors: Thorsten Stoesser (University College London), Vladimir Nikora (University of Aberdeen)

Professor Wolfgang Rodi has been one of the pioneers of turbulence modelling and simulation in computational fluid dynamics of flows of hydro-environmental research and has made countless contributions to this topics over his 50+ year academic career. Besides many other prices and awards, Wolfgang received the Arthur Ippen Award in 1987 and the honorary membership award from IAHR in 2013 for his lifetime achievements in our community. He is regarded as one of the key contributors to the advancement of RANS and LES in hydro-environmental research and has inspired countless academics in this field. The proposed session will celebrate the lifetime achievements of Professor Rodi who celebrated his 80th birthday in 2022. The 8 invited speakers will present past and/or present CFD research in turbulence modeling and simulation and will include one from Professor Rodi himself. The ensuing short discussion will touch upon future directions and challenges.


Wolfgang Rodi
My 50 years of turbulence modelling and simulation in hydraulics

Hongwei Fang
Turbulence Modelling in Eco-Fluvial Dynamics

Seokkoo Kang
Numerical modeling of turbulent open channel flows using large-eddy simulation

Nils Reidar B. Olsen
Numerical modelling of antidunes

Pablo Ouro
Large-eddy simulation of tidal turbines in realistic environmental conditions


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