IAHR_Special/WLR_Special: Innovative Numerical Modelling for River Research

Convenors: Martin Glas & Michael Tritthart (University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna)

The session will focus on recent innovative river research and application of multidimensional numerical models. These models are widely used to simulate hydrodynamics, sediment transport, river morphodynamics, and ecological processes on various scales in rivers. Field measurements, mainly performed locally, are used for calibration and validation of model scenarios. Innovative numerical approaches have the advantage to obtain flow variables in larger spatial and temporal extent, either as analysis of historical developments or future predictions of scenarios. Innovation is also tackled related to improvements of numerical codes targeting the applicability of the models for river research.


Michael Tritthart: The role of transversal bed slope corrections in morphodynamic modelling

Daniel Wildt : Numerical studies of hydrodynamics and mass transport in reservoirs

Daniel Marton: Reservoir sedimentation and reservoir capacity evaluation along the Thaya river

Marek Ando: Sediment transport modelling and monitoring at the Danube in the area Bratislava

Martin Glas: 3D Modelling at the Austrian Danube: Bed degradation reaches versus sedimentation reaches

Gabor Fleit: Numerical investigation of environmentally friendly wave mitigation measures in river waterways

Event Timeslots (1)


0.94 & 0.95


Worlds Large Rivers Conference
IAHR World Congress