Green Meeting

Our request to you…


  • If possible, opt for an environmentally friendly way of travelling to
    Vienna by public transport like train or carpool.
  • If you are unable to or do not want to travel without a car, or if you
    have to travel by airplane, make up for the CO2 emissions by paying
    a compensation.
  • Make use of your hotel‘s environmental programme (e.g. by not requiring
    towels and sheets to be exchanged every day).
  • Turn off all the lights and electric appliances (TV set, air conditioning,
    heating, computer, etc.) when you leave your hotel room temporarily.
  • Use the waste separation system at the hotel and venue to dispose
    of your waste (PET bottles, glass, paper, metal, batteries, etc.).
  • Within the city, use public transport or walk.
  • Hand your badge in at the registration desk at the end of the event.


Let‘s consider the future and act with sustainability in mind…