IAHR_5_S8: Introducing the “WFE” Nexus to Central Asia focusing on sustainable development of small hydropower

Convenors: Nils Rüther (TU Munich), Jan De Keyser (University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna), , Tobias Sigfried (Hydrosolutions Ltd.), Daniel S. Hayes (University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna), Hannah Schwedhelm (TU Munich)

Central Asia has large potential for hydropower generation, however, water resources are unevenly distributed and heavily exploited by irrigation. Advancing sustainable hydropower generation in this region, therefore, requires interdisciplinary research including hydrology, ecology, hydromorphology and hydraulic engineering as well as the Water-Food-Energy (WEF) Nexus Concept. This Special Session covers research related to ongoing hydropower projects in Central Asia with the focus on sustainability, replicability, new findings and tools.


Tobias Siegfried
Projecting Hydroclimate Shifts in Central Asia: A Stochastic Soil Water Balance Approach

Jan De Keyser
Using open data to evaluate the sustainable hydropower-potential of Central Asia

Hannah Schwedhelm
Compellations of hydromorphologic assessment tools in data-scarse regions

Daniel Hayes
Habitat preferences of snow trout (Schizothorax eurystomus) in Uzbek rivers

Matthias Schneider
E-Flows in Central Asia: tools and methods, case study Koksu


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