IAHR_5_S6.1: Hydropeaking in regulated rivers – from hydraulic analysis to design of mitigation measures

Convenor: Christoph Hauer (University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna), Davide Vanzo (ETH Zurich), Jo Halleraker (Miljodirektorat), Martin Schletterer (TIWAG, Austria)

Hydropeaking – the artificial increase and decrease of discharge and corresponding water levels in rivers – is characterized by steep rising and falling limbs of hydrographs based on the operation of storage hydropower plants to generate electricity on the energy demand. The proposed special session has been conceived under the awareness that the dynamics of hydropeaking and its sustainable management strategies need to be grounded. The special session deals with (i) basic research and (ii) implementation studies with focus on hydraulic, hydro-morphological / sedimentological interactions and technical options for mitigation of hydropeaking.



Christoph Hauer
Stranding risk according to long term morphological changes in hydropeaking rivers

Flora Insulaire
Fish stranding due to morphological microstructures and hydropeaking characteristics

Günther Unfer
Fish stranding and its relationship with river bar morphology and baseflow magnitude

Matthias Schneider
Unsteady habitat modelling for hydropeaking assessment in practice

Nico Bätz
Nervous habitats: modelling the effects of hydropeaking on habitat dynamics

Davide Vanzo
River Hydrodynamics and Seed Establishment processes: a 2D Modelling Approach

Serhat Kucukali
Pool-Riffle Morphology as a Holistic Mitigation Measure for Hydropeaking


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