IAHR_1_S3/WLR_Special: South-Eastern European Rivers

Convenor: Christoph Hauer (University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna)

South-Eastern European are special concerning their hydrological and sedimentological regime. Extremes in low- and high flows are accompanied with high erosion rates in the geological diverse mountain catchments. Thus, specific boundaries are given concerning integrative water management, including (i) flood and flood mitigation, (ii) irrigation, (iii) hydropower and (iv) environmental needs including aspects of coastal erosion. Thus, aim of the special session is to present and discuss challenges and threats for present and future water management in South-Eastern European river basins including climate change impacts.


Marta Crivellaro
Assessing the reach-scale channel pattern of rivers in Albania

Kerstin Böck
The 5-country UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Mura-Drava-Danube

Flamur Bajrami
The Shkumbin river, Albania: hydromorphological evolution phases

Theresa Schiller
The Global Biodiversity Framework’s Restoration Target and South-Eastern Europe’s Rivers

Sarah Höfler
The Upper Neretva – How Europe`s pristine rivers are dam(n)ed

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