IAHR_1_S2/WLR-Special: From white river to green river, a new paradigm of Ecohydraulics

Convenors: Takashi Asaeda (Saitama University), Rohan Benjankar (Southern Illinois University), Diego Garcia de Jalon (Universidad Politecnica de Madrid), Hyoseop Woo (Sejong University)

The riparian landscapes have been changing from white sand/gravel bars to green lands covered with grass, shrubs, and mature trees around the world due to anthropogenic activities in the watershed. It affects the designing of flood control, biodiversity of riparian ecosystem, at the same time, contributes to carbon sequestration.
There are various complex mechanisms behind it; the results of river rehabilitation regarding flood control, reduced deposition of gravels, warming to accelerate vegetation growth, increasing invasive species tolerant to the changed environment, etc. These phenomena are different country by country, region by region, because of the climate and the geomorphological differences and even concept for the management. Worldwide collaboration is particularly required to tackle these issues in riparian and aquatic systems. Most of them are, however, far from elucidated, and “Ecohydraulics” has a highest potential to contribute.
This special session targets presentations related to the elucidation and the present status of the transition of the riparian landscape, the development of prediction and the management methodologies, from various aspect of approaches, such as physical, chemical and biological processes, anthropogenic effects, etc.
The research presented in the special session in intended to publish in quality peer-reviewed journals including Journal of Ecohydraulics.


Monday, 14:00 – 16:0

Won Kim
River bed deformation induced by the riparian vegetation

Diego García de Jalón
Riparian vegetation effects on island development in sand braided river

Hun Choi
Prediction of the channel and vegetation dynamics under RCP scenarios

Dongdong Shao
Effects of intra-annual river discharge variability on mouth-bar vegetation dynamics

Takashi Asaeda
A new methodology to evaluate the stress intensity of macrophytes


Monday, 16:30 – 18:00

Taku Masumoto
Effects of vegetation on fish in the rock-ramp fishway

Li Longyu
Numerical Study of Vegetation Effects on Intradelta Lobe Avulsion

Gregory Egger
Tipping points in braided rivers

Daehyun Kim
A multilevel modeling for vegetation destruction during an extreme flood

Rohan Benjankar
Linking Variability in River-Floodplain Physical Processes and Riparian Habitat

Elisha Duxbury
What is driving biogeomorphic succession of vegetation in recovering rivers?


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