8b Hydroinformatics, machine learning and artificial intelligence

Monday, 14:00 – 16:00

Alessia Ferrari
A porosity shallow water scheme for urban flood modelling

Li Li
A Hybrid River Flood Forecasting Model Using Artificial Neural Networks

Qiuhua Liang
A deep learning based solver for the shallow water equations

Beatriz Negreiros
A database application framework for river ecosystem analysis

Yeoung Rok Oh
AI Based Rainfall-Runoff Model for Yongdam Dam Basin in Korea

Xitong Sun
A discontinuous Galerkin-based mixing model for solute transport within vegetation

Davis Chin Man Wan
Water Supply Network Digital Twins Pilot Development in Hong Kong

Iana Rufino
Simulating future changes: anthropogenic pressures in a Brazilian semi-arid watershed

Milad Latifi
Pressure Data Application for Failure Prediction in Water Distribution Networks

Gabriele Freni
Analysis of diffusive-dispersive processes in unsteady-flow conditions within the WDNs


Monday, 16:30 – 18:00

Koji Asai
Classification of Typhoon Pattern landed in Japan using Self-Organizing Map

Felix Beckers
Bayesian calibration with machine-learning and surrogate models optimize hydro-morphodynamic models

Ramiz Beig Zali
Application of Machine Learning for Predicting PVC Pipes Mechanical Behaviour

Xudong Li
Application of intelligence algorithms in dispatch of hydro-wind-solar hybrid system

Sergio Lopez Dubon
Classification of meander bends a data-driven approach

Yang Yang
Classifying meteorological forcing-runoff time series through contrastive learning

Tamer Ayvaz
A simulation-optimization approach for identifying the aquifer parameter zone structures

Hui Ying Pak
An open-sourced software CoastalWQL for end-to-end processing of UAV-hyperspectral imagery


Tuesday, 08:30 – 09:30

Georgia Ellina
Water quality prediction with the construction of trapezoid fuzzy numbers

Miltiadis Gymnopoulos
Towards a smart platform for water supply networks in islands

Beatriz Negreiros
Substrate sediment analyses with a web application

Obakeng Mogopa
ColiMinder as an online monitoring tool for microbial water quality

Tamer Ayvaz
A hybrid optimization model for calibrating the HBV hydrological model


Tuesday, 11:30 – 13:00

Lorenzo Bianco
Development of Machine Learning-based rainfall outlook models in Madagascar

Georges Kesserwani
Comparison of sampling-based uncertainty quantification methods for flood modelling applications

Narongrit Luangdilok
Comparison of modern bias correction techniques for operational hydrological applications

Robin Meurice
Closing model parameters using machine learning rather than trial-and-error calibrations

Christian Ortiz-lopez
Decision-Making Improvement and Modelling Tools for Drinking Water Treatment during Rainfall Events.

Jeffrey Tuhtan
Data Assimilation of Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter and Total Pressure Sensors

Alovya Chowdhury
Multiwavelet adaptive discontinuous Galerkin solver for tsunami modelling on GPU



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