8b Hydroinformatics, machine learning and artificial intelligence

José Eduardo Barros
Machine Learning Applied to Wave Hindcasting and Propagation

Kaihua Guo
Modeling and assessment of lateral grooved airport runway water film thickness

Gurhan Gurarslan
Numerical Simulation of Water Table Fluctuation in Sloping Aquifers

Franziska Lauer
Practical potential of ANNs in salinity estimation within an estuary

Ali El Battay
Next-Generation Geomatics for Water Resources and Risk Management in Morocco

Narongrit Luangdilok
Evaluation of IMERG precipitation products for water management in Thailand

Min Pang
Parallel optimization of groundwater extraction in regions experiencing land subsidence

Davide Wüthrich
Roller characteristics and flow-features of dam-break waves through image processing

Isa Ebtehaj
Identifying Bank Profile Shapes In Stable Channels Using Machine Learning

Yongao Lu
River water temperature prediction based on improved support vector regression

Juan Fernando Farfán-Durán
Optimization of distributed models using evolutionary algorithms and surrogate modeling


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