5e Water education and innovation

Monday, 16:30 – 18:00

Anran Yuan
A Dual-Channel On-Site Edge-AI-Chip-Based Algae Monitoring System

Thandeka Ndlela
The ecohydrological characteristics of different wetland types in Eswatini

Lee Mullon
How Data Driven Water Sciences qre Driving Change in Florida

Tsz Yan Kong
Hong Kong Leveraging Virtual Reality Technology at Water Education Centre

Watin Thanathanphon
Development of Flood Monitoring System from Social Media in Thailandr

Marian Muste
Enhancing global learning by exposing young engineers to real-world challenges

Jerónimo Puertas
Disseminating flood results to non-technical stakeholders using Hybrid Physical-Digital Twins

Luciana Cordeiro De Souza Fernandes
The Brazilian groundwater law


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Room 0.11


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