5c Plastics and emerging contaminants in waterbodies

Tuesday, 14:00 – 16:00

Maike Stover: Experimentally optimization of stormwater sedimentation tanks to remove microplastic

Pegah Jahanpeyma: Experimental assessment of microplastic contaminants in the Hungarian Danube River

José María Grassa: Recommendations for Monitoring Riverine Inputs of Microplastics at Sea

Maria Ponce Guzman: Identification of microplastics in sediments by using machine learning models

Arefeh Shamskhany: Microplastic Entrainment in Turbulent Flow: A Numerical Study

Alexander Breugem: Macro plastic modelling in the Scheldt Estuary

Isabella Schalko: Design of retention structures to manage macroplastics in rivers

Alexandra Murray: Global contaminant transport modelling: plastic and nutrient loading in DHI-GHM

Sophia Steinbacher: Impact of inland navigation to the faecal pollution status of large rivers

Kim Chung Lee: Holistic approach to manage emerging contaminants in HK’s drinking water


Tuesday, 16:30 – 18:00

Yannic Fuchs: Numerical Optimizing a river cleaning concept using LSPIV in physical models

Sumayyah Aimi Mohd Najib: Longitudinal Suspended Sediment Concentration and Trace Metals in Bernam River Basin, Malaysia

Cátia Taborda: Preliminary assessment of a bubble curtain device for microplastics retention

Si Li: Health Risks of  Pharmaceuticals in China’s Five Major River Basins

Yueming Han: Photoresponsive surfactant activated persulfate cycle for remediation of PAHs-contaminated groundwater

Ekkehard Holzbecher: Plastics and Microplastics in the Omani Environment

Chit Yan Toe: Simulations of Carpet Formation of Plastic Debris at Hydraulic Structures

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Room 0.12


IAHR World Congress