5b Ecological status and eco-engineering

Friday, 08.30-09.30

Ria Verensia
Enhancing Coastal Resilience: Applying Decision Support Framework for Nature-based Solutions

Gerd Müller
The role of beaver dams in natural small rivers


Friday, 12:00 – 14:00

Chiara Arrighi
Advanced characterization of eco-hydrologic flow regimes

Pietro Beretta Piccoli
Formation of refuge able areas around different gravel mounts’ designs

Manqi Chang
Deriving nutrient thresholds via consumer-resource interactions towards a sustainable Anthropocene

Hideyuki Doi
Environmental DNA methods to evaluate river biome abundance/biomass and biodiversity

Suiliang Huang
Effects of Fish Feeds on Carp Growth and Water Qualities

Izumi Katano
Offset Discontinuities in Dammed Rivers Due to Tributary: Which Macroinvertebrates Taxa Respond?

Hang Wang
Flow around swimming bionic robotic fish in complex open-channel flow

Takahiro Sato
Importance of dam reservoirs for bats as foraging habitat



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Room 0.94 & 0.95


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