5a Ecohydraulics in rivers and coasts including hydropeaking

Monday, 14:00 – 16:00

Jose Aliaga
Impact of rigid emergent vegetation density on near-bed flow structure

Rohan Benjankar
Variabilty in Sumulted Habitat at a Watershed Scale

Katharina Bensing
Gradients in Ethohydraulic Research

Markus Holzner
Trout parr’s active response to temperature gradients

Misagh Moradali
Pressure regulation valves for energy dissipation and power control

Hiroaki Suzuki
Climate change impact on stream temperature due to differences in geological conditions

Sebastian Schwindt
Fieldwork methods for quantification of multidimensional hydrological connectivity

Xiaoyu Wang
Self-assembly of Fe3O4 with natural tannin for microalgal harvesting

Milad Abdollahpour
CFD analysis of bioenergetics metric at a step with horizontal cylinder

Jingxi Xu
Coevolution of Salt-Marsh Vegetation and Tidal Channel Networks: A meta-analysis


Monday, 16:30 – 18:00

Stefan Hoerner
Critical areas for fish passage in large axial flow pumps

Wolf Iring Kösters
Development of a blade-strike apparatus for fish-surrogate sensor probes

Guangning Li
Explanation the role of fish lateral-line system in migration behaviors

Dennis Powalla
Upstream Migration and Fish Passage using active CFD-DEM models

Ran Li
Content distribution of organic debris bait in flood plain

Guglielmo Sonnino Sorisio
European Eel kinematics over Eel Tiles under different hydrodynamic conditions

Milad Abdollahpour
Effects on habitat metrics of riparian vegetation

Davide Vettori
Wave attenuation properties of eelgrass meadows estimated from dynamically-scaled experiments


Tuesday, 08:30 – 09:30

Mehmet Salih Turker
Providing Alternative Migration Corridors and Micro-Habitat in Pool-Weir Fish Pass

Maximilian Kastinger
Passage of Downstream Moving Fish at a Bypass Gate with Bottom Opening

Sengdavanh Thepphachanh
Spatiotemporal connectivity of macrozoobenthos habitat – A modeling approach

Lina Focht
Providing defined velocity fluctuations in ecohydraulic flumes using rotatable fins

David F. Vetsch
Positioning of downstream fish guidance structures at run-of-river power plants


Tuesday, 16:30 – 18:00

Serhat Kucukali
Numerical Simulation of Vertical Slot-Brush Fish Pass

Francesco Caponi
Numerical modelling of river hydro-morphodynamic impact on plant seed dispersal

Haitham Ghamry
Numerical investigation of flow over spillways towards efficient fish passage

Xiaodong Qu
The ecohydraulic mechanism of drift behaviors of macroinvertebrate communityand in streams

Rajib Kamal
Assessment of Local Variation in Transverse Mixing for RMZ Applications

W.Ludwig Kuhn
Mitigation of artificial TDG supersaturation in rivers downstream hydropower plants

Reilly Cox
Investigating safe fish travel in pipe flows

Ivana Lučin
Remote sensing localization of submerged groundwater discharges in bathing areas



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