4d Climate change and water management

Friday, 08:30 – 09:30

Erica Orsi
Hydraulic-Hydrologic Invariance effectiveness of SuDS techniques: Italian Case Study

Margaret Chen
Improving adaptive capacity for integrated coastal safety management

An Liu
Influence of global warming on urban stormwater quality

Haifa Madyouni
Phytoplankton Seasonal Dynamics in Joumine Dam, Tunisia

Haoyu Wang
Research on river temperature in arid-hot valley under climate change

Yasuyuki Maruya
Climate change impact assessment in an observational data-scarce catchment


Friday, 12:00 – 14:00

Francesco Busca
Urban Trees and Water management towards Climate Change Adaptation

Wouter Kranenburg
Salt Intrusion around the world under influence of climate change

Jorge León-muñoz
Sustainable management of rivers and fjords of Northwestern Patagonia

Gert Leyssen
Synthetic events for flood risk studies including climate change uncertainties

Roberta Padulano
Modelling future hydrological droughts with Very High Resolution climate projections

Isidro Alberto Pilares-Hualpa
Semi-distributed hydrological characteristics and sensitivity to climatic factors Huancane basin

Jose Fabrega Duque
Overview of Panama water resources and challenges

Rosa Vargas
Poisson process-based model for hourly-scaled temporal disaggregation of monthly precipitations

Victor Munoz Saavedra
Implementing multi-decadal-hourly stochastic precipitation using CMIP6 models

Carla Guzmán
Probable Maximum Precipitation Assessment Under Climate Change Using NEX-GDDP-CMIP6 Dataset


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