4a Rainfall-runoff processes and modelling, remote sensing

Monday, 14:00 – 16:00

Hossein Bonakdari
Improved fuzzy time series model based on weighted fuzzy relations

Akihiko Nakayama
Modelling of Contaminant Transport due to Rainfall-Runoff Processes using SPH

Riccardo Bonomelli
Improving the computation of slope stability in distributed hydrologic applications

Mark Cheetham
Flood Risk Management on the French Railway Network

Reinhard Hinkelmann
Ensemble rainfall-runoff simulations with variable spatio-temporal distributions of heavy rainfall

Tim Jakobs
Novel Experimental Setup to Analyze Natural

Alejandro Mendoza
Land use change and flood recurrence in the Grijalva River

Haochen Yan
Flood hazard of a rural-urban catchment under spatiotemporally varying rainstorms

Christophe Dessers
Hydrological analysis of July 2021 floods in Vesdre catchment

Patricia Molina López
Comparison of semidistributed and two-dimensional models in a semiarid basin

Xuan Huang
Numerical Simulation Method of Extreme Rain Flood in Plain urban

Samuel Quisca
Peak discharge in the Santa river basin under climate change


Monday, 16:30 – 18:00

Gordon Johnston
Combined Hydrologic and Hydraulic Flood Modeling and Water Balance Functionality

Miriam Monschein
Pluvial flooding: development of a rain simulator for laboratory studies

Seith Ncwanga Mugume
Assessment of future change impacts on flooding in transboundary River Semliki Catchment

Beatriz Pires
Comparison of rainfall-runoff models to assist hydroelectric operation planning

Vilém Spálovský
Behaviour of flash floods within different geological areas

Mohammad Zeynoddin
A Deep-Analysis of Soil Moisture, with Remotely Sensed Exogenous Variables, case study

Yangwei Zhang
A novel 1D-2D coupled model for hydrodynamic simulation of urban flooding

Roberto Takahashi
Continuous hydrological inflows modeling for the Itaipu Binacional Power Plant

Ioannis Lioumbas
Satellite remote sensing in reservoir level and surface anomalies detection


Tuesday, 08:30 – 09:30

Pablo Durán-Barroso
Rainfall-runoff estimation based on SMA procedures and ESA-CCI Soil-Moisture dataset

Yixiao Chen
WRF Model Assessment for 2021 Extreme Rainfall Events in Malaysia

Hayato Kotani
Variations of groundwater-level in bedrock and surface-layer on mountain slopes

Marisa Rosana Silva Davila
Uncertainty in the Probable Maximum Flood Determination, Basin Mantaro (Peru)

Qi Zhuang
Spatial rainfall uncertainty using the gauge network at urban catchments

Arianna Dada
Application of low-cost sensors for real-time monitoring of raingarden performance


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