3b Coastal and estuary morphodynamics

Tuesday, 08:30 – 09:30

Marta Aragón
Wave schematization for coastal morphodynamics: the role of wave chronology

Ryokei Azuma
Assessment of fluvial sediment supply in light of geomorphological evolution

Steven Figueroa
Effect of Estuarine Dam Location and Discharge Interval on Estuaries

Munawir Pratama
Hydrodynamics Characterization of Montrose Bay: A Severely-Eroding Coast in East Scotland

Sevket Cokgor
Investigation of Critical Sediment Thickness Above Beachrock and Morphological Impact


Tuesday, 11:30 – 13:00

Pieter Rauwoens
Maintenance and monitoring of an artificial dune in Belgium

Pieter Rauwoens
Influence of planted marram grass on early-stage dune development

Maarten Van Der Vegt
Morphodynamics of channel networks in deltas

Ana Margarida Bento
Scour Behavior at co-located Hybrid Marine Energy Foundations

Yiming Zhang
Fully Coupled Hydro-Sediment-Morphodynamic Modelling under Wave-Current Environments

Warit Charoenlerkthawin
Effect of Coastal Protection Structures on Beach Material Transformation

Víctor Gomez
Use of drone and RTK technology to asses coastal erosion

Diogo Mees Delfes Varela
Recent morphological development of anabranches on the Elbe estuary, Germany

Junqiang Xia
Bank erosion processes and numerical modelling of a braided reach


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