2b River – estuary – sea interactions

Tuesday, 14:00 – 16:00

Valentin Heller
Numerical modelling of tsunami propagation in converging channels

Chihiro Kashima
The selection of ocean boundary conditions on coastal hydrodynamic simulations

Pascal Matte
Estimating river tides and tidal discharges using SWOT satellite products

Mattia Gaiolini
Seawater ingression assessment at the Volturno River (Campania Region, Italy)

Jeroen Stark
Prediction of hazardous eddy-induced cross-currents in the Western Scheldt

Boli Zhu
Determination of salinity in a tidal river with data-driven models

Zhiguo He
Separation and Mixing of Two-layer Gravity Currents in the Ocean

Slim Zekri
Aquifers as a storage facility: The Rus formation in Qatar

José María Grassa
Risk of collision between ships and cetaceans. Analysis and case studies

Akkinepally Rithwik
Prioritization of watersheds based on morphometric analysis of Manjeera Watershed


Tuesday, 16:30 – 18:00

Alan Cuthbertson
Laboratory modelling of surface buoyant plume interaction with grid obstruction

Lin Hao
Hypoxia over the past two decades in the Ariake Sea

Guillermo Martín-Llanes
Estuarine salinity distribution: the role of convergence

Serene Hui Xin Tay
Impact of large-scale inland freshwater discharges on Singapore Strait

Kwangsik Yoon
Feasibility study of the agricultural sectors for the estuary restoration

Serene Hui Xin Tay
Modelling of nearshore wave transformation in Singapore coastal waters

Takashi Asaeda
The tidal water characteristics and the mangrove forest biodiversity

Marta Alvir
Modelling mixing processes at river mouth using OpenFOAM-ROMS nested technique


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Room 0.11


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