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Vienna Industry Stream Event: CFD for Water Infrastructure applications

Convenor: John Wendelbo

Rapporteur: David Antonio Garagorri Linares

Date: Thursday, 24 August 2023


Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) methods are very rapidly becoming part of the essential workflow for many consulting engineering firms across the entire spectrum of water civil infrastructure engineering applications, ranging from municipal water conveyance, to water treatment, to coastal protection and resilience, to dams hydraulic controls and river management and fish passages. All can benefit immensely from the deployment of CFD methods. This session reviews how CFD is effectively used in the engineering context to help answer questions, reduce risk, and ultimately improve the performance of structures that are at the heart of global water sustainability.


Program Outline:


Review CFD applications across municipal conveyance, hydropower and water treatment applications

John Wendelbo, Flow Science

Innovation in the wastewater industry – How to de-risk projects with Computational Fluid Dynamics: An oxidation ditch case study
Paul Mannion, VorTech Water Solutions Ltd

Enhancing overflow spillway performance: a novel optimisation chain harnessing CFD for optimal shape design
Fatna Oukaili, EDF

Synergistic Application of CFD and Physical Hydraulic Models
Troy Lyons, IIHR (Iowa Institute of Hydraulic Research)