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Progress and best practices in river restoration around the world

Convors: Asian River Restoration Network (ARRN)

Rivers and lakes are amongst the most important ecosystems which not only provide people with water and food, transport and energy, livelihoods, and economic development activities, but also ecological services, including regulating local climate and water-born environment, and cultural and spiritual values. Rivers also provide habitats and food for wildlife, birds, insects, and other species. However, as the world economies develop with the advancement of science and technologies, river systems are being manipulated at a speed and scale that are unprecedented, leading to drastic changes and effects, some being irreversible, to the natural conditions and cycles of rivers. This special session aims to share the predominant theories and practices of river restoration in different countries and regions, so that can develop a roadmap for guiding countries in the process of planning, design and implementation of river restoration measures.