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Large (real-)scale experiment for fluvial hydraulics (IAHR_8_S3)

Convenor: Chanjoo Lee (KICT, Korea)


Many studies employed laboratory flumes for investigating various phenomena occurring in natural rivers. However, it is quite difficult to avoid the scale effect of a wide variety of hydraulics and ecological phenomena including sedimentation, aquatic flora and fauna, and associated habitats. Numerous full-scale hydraulic experiments have been recently conducted for avoid/reducing significant scale effects. In particular, several studies have actively been being carried out for analyzing physical interactive aspects of aquatic ecosystems considering structural stability, hydraulics, sedimentation, vegetation, and aquatic life. Analysis results obtained from large-scale experimental facilities can assist ecological and river researchers in examining natural phenomena and can aid in developing optimal river management solutions for addressing climactic changes.

In this special session, recent advances in large-scale hydraulic experiments will be presented with objectives to improve better understanding of the complex interactions between hydraulics, geomorphic evolution and biologic responses, and to demonstrate actual application. We welcome the latest research associated with hydraulic experiments conducted in large-scale experimental facilities.