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Masterclass: Fluid Mechanics for [Instrumentation for Fluid Mechanics]

Convenors: Rui ML Ferreira (CERIS, U Lisboa) and Rita F Carvalho (U Coimbra)

The master class “Fluid Mechanics for [Instrumentation for Fluid Mechanics]” explores the deep links between Fluid Mechanics, Instrumentation and Experimental Methods.

We start from the truism that to make scientific instruments we need a very good idea of the processes to be measured. There is thus a virtuous cycle involving knowledge of fluid mechanics, devising instruments to peer into fluid processes and methods to make that knowledge evolve.
This is evident now. But in the coming age of data-driven processes, this becomes more complicated, as sensors become ubiquitous as well as data-driven decision processes with little human intervention.

We want to keep this idea alive: that building sensors to measure and monitor fluid processes, that devising methods to curate data, that organizing or reducing data, and ultimately, to make sense of data (even or especially by a machine) it is still necessary to hold a strong (human) knowledge of those very same fluid processes.

We want to bring to light and discuss practical ways to express the virtuous cycle of improving knowledge on fluid mechanics do devise instruments to further improve knowledge on fluid mechanics. We feel this cycle should encompass scientific instrumentation and industrial sensors alike. The practical ways to express this idea include experiences in making new instruments and sensors, devising data reduction and data curation strategies or planning new experimental research.

If you are an early-career scientist or student developing or meaning to develop instruments for fluid mechanics; if you are into improving strategies to handle experimental data come andj oin us in this Masterclass.
It is jointly organized, within the activities of the Experimental Methods and Instrumentation (EMI) and Fluid Mechanics (FM) committees of IAHR, by Rui ML Ferreira (CERIS, U Lisboa) and Rita F Carvalho (U Coimbra).
The masters have extensive experience in designing new instruments and experimental facilities and developing data handling techniques. They will be: Stuart Cameron (U Aberdeen), Stefan Felder (U New S Wales) and Ana Margarida Ricardo (U Lisboa).