WLR_3a: River pollution and water quality

Jasim Ali
Euphrates River Water Quality by Remote Sensing and GIS

Katharina Hoereth
Anthropogenic Debris Monitoring using a Littertrap at the Rhine River

David Attila Molnar
Monitoring coastal riverine litter accumulations in the Tisza River Basin

Lars Duester
Chemical monitoring at the river rhine – tomorrow is yesterday?

Thipphachanh Souliyavong
Heavy metal contamination in floodplain area along the Mekong River,Laos.

Bernhard Lehner
Modelling the concentration of antibiotics in the global river system

Lydia Bondareva
Spatial distribution of anthropogenic radionuclides in the soil-freshwater ecosystem

Sebastian Pessenlehner
Insights into transport behaviour and quantities of microplastics

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