WLR_1c: Climate change on large basin hydrology

Hayder Al Hudaib
Natural and human-induced impacts on the Diyala-Sirwan River basin, Iraq

Zhihui Liu
Characteristics analysis of non-stationary water level in Huangpu River

Jean Albergel
What future for the Medjerda, and its hydraulic facilities?

Francis Chiew
Climate change and water resources management in the Murray-Darling Basin

Kseniia Kortunova
Climate Change Impact on the River Runoff of Nizhnekamskoe watershed

Mame Henriette Astou Sambou
Impact of climate change and land-use changes in Senegal river.

Yaridalia Ramirez Abundis
Effects of climate change on the Usumacinta river

Elisabete S. Braga
Ribeira River influence on the Cananéia-Iguape estuarine-lagoon complex using modelling

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